Selling your home is a big decision and it is something that you should think about carefully. It is important that you understand each step involved with the process. 

To give you some insight, our experienced agents have compiled a list of things that you need to know before making a decision. 


Did you know that most buyers will decide within the first 60 seconds if your home is the one for them? The world is changing daily when it comes to technology and due to this, most buyers will view your home online before even booking an inspection or conducting a drive-by inspection. If your presentation is lacking, there is a high chance they will move on to the next and not even step foot inside. What should you focus on when it comes to presentation? Here are some ideas:
- A good internal clean to make sure the home is shiny & fresh
- Give the gardens/lawns a good overhaul & remove any weeds etc
- Remove clutter both internally & externally to maximise on space
- If there is any maintenance that needs to be done, get it completed. This will ensure that the home looks lovable and well maintained


The agent you select is going to be your guiding light. They will provide you with established networks, accurate information and assistance in the areas you need it most. They will conduct property inspections, negotiate sales and prepare paperwork on your behalf to take the sale from listing to settlement. Choosing your agent is an important step and truthfully one that can confuse some sellers. The best piece of advice we can offer a prospective seller is to choose an agent that they feel comfortable with and can trust. Remember to do your research online too, you'll often find past client reviews that will assist with your decision making. 

Once you have selected your agent, they will visit the property and provide you with a market appraisal. This appraisal is based on the age, location and size of the property along with features and current market trends in your local area. Most sellers will already have a figure in mind that they wish to achieve however it is important that you run this past your agent so that they can advise you further. This also applies to the best method of sale for your property (Tender, Auction, Private Sale, POA etc.)

When it's time for you to head to market, your agent will provide you with a sale authority. This authority outlines the estimated sale price, duration of the authority, marketing costs, commission charges and more. It is important that you read this document in full and if you have any questions/concerns, speak with your agent or  legal representative. 

Should you have any further questions about the process of selling your home,
feel free to contact one of our experienced agents

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